Questions Happen Sometimes, you just want to know...


Answering life’s questions one day at a time

We all go through life and come upon things we don’t know or unsure how to do. Often we just move on without taking the time to learn or forget that we wanted to look something up. I want to take those questions, find answers and try to do the things we wonder if we can do. I believe in learning for life, everyday is an opportunity to be more.

Have a question you want answered but haven’t taken the time to find the answer? Leaves your question and I will see what I can do.

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A bit about me

I am a married mother of two who works full time outside of the home. I have a degree in math education and a degree in computer science. I believe technology and education are the keys to the future, but we have to keep learning not only the new things moving forward but from the past so we do not repeat the same mistakes.

I want to be able to answer my children’s crazy questions as well as my own bouts of curiosity that appear during movies, plays, work, …. life. Join me on a journey of discovery and see what will learn.